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Bakery oven manufacturer WACHTEL seeks restructuring in self-administration

Continuation of business operations and investor process planned Düsseldorf Local Court grants application under Section 270a of the Insolvency Code Special situation due to skyrocketing material prices and due to decline in orders from the energy-intensive bakery industry Dr. Christian Gerloff from Munich-based law firm Gerloff Liebler joins the management board as Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) Hilden, December 6, 2022 - WACHTEL GmbH, an international premium manufacturer of ovens and refrigeration systems for bakeries, is seeking restructuring and realignment in self-administration. [...]

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Gerloff Liebler supports automotive supplier Rüster in financial realignment as part of self-administration proceedings

Christian Stoffler as CRO and Dr. Christian Schmitt as general representative contribute their expertise in the automotive sector Martin Mucha (Grub Brugger) appointed provisional administrator Timely investor process planned to overcome liquidity crisis of Rüster and create sustainable stable financial basis Deggingen/Munich, November 24, 2022 - The law firm Gerloff Liebler Rechtsanwälte , Munich, which specializes in insolvencies and restructurings, is significantly managing the planned financial restructuring of Rüster GmbH within the framework of insolvency proceedings in self-administration. [...]

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Seminar: Insolvency & Restructuring in the Automotive

Topic: Insolvency & Restructuring in the Automotive Industry - Recommendations for the Banking and Restructuring Practice Speaker: Dr. Christian Schmitt & Christian Stoffler Date: 26.01.2023 - online from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. OR 04.04.2023 in Stuttgart Location: online or in Stuttgart Organizer: FORUM Institut Lecture: Click here to go to the homepage of the organizer In the seminar, the speakers will highlight the typical course of the crisis of an automotive supplier and its impact on the various stakeholders. [...]

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Commentary on the Remuneration Ordinance under Insolvency Law (Section 4 InsVV)

Author: Christian Stoffler Published: Kübler/Prütting/Bork, InsO, Commentary on the Insolvency Code Link: www.beck-online.beck.de/Dokument.. Abstract: Business Expenses. Liability insurance General business costs and expenses The employment of auxiliary staff in general and the contribution of own special competence in the sense of § 5

Limitation of claims of the insolvency estate in insolvency proceedings in case of notified (threatened) insufficiency of the insolvency estate

Author: Christian Stoffler Published: Kommunal-Kassen-Zeitschrift, 72nd volume, September 2022, No. 9 Link: Kommunal-Kassen-Zeitschrift - Verlag Reckinger Abstract: If a (threatened) insufficiency of assets within the meaning of Section 208 InsO occurs in insolvency proceedings, the creditors of claims against the assets of the insolvency estate, in particular, must observe various formal and material peculiarities in order to pursue their claims in the best possible way and not lose them completely. This article is intended to raise awareness of the issues to which particular attention must be paid when the public [...]

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Commentary on the Remuneration Ordinance under Insolvency Law (§ 1 InsVV)

Author: Christian Stoffler Published: Kübler/Prütting/Bork, InsO, Commentary on the Insolvency Code Link: www.beck-online.beck.de/Dokument.. Brief description: Remuneration of the insolvency administrator, legal bases Commencement of claims; due date; limitation Remuneration claim and defective management; forfeiture Additional remuneration Offsetting (credits) of various remunerations Treatment under insolvency law Remuneration agreements Multiple administrators

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Online seminar: Insolvency table

Topic: Online seminar: Insolvenztabelle Speaker: Jana Scholz Date: 21.11.2022-22.11.2022, each 09:00-12:30h Location: Webinar Organizer: FORUM Institut Lecture: click here to go to the organizer's homepage From A-Z: necessary know-how for insolvency administrators - everything you need to process the insolvency table! - Especially for insolvency practitioners - Well suited for beginners & novices  

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19th Upper Bavarian Insolvency Weekend

Topic: State aid in insolvency proceedings Speaker: Dr. Christian Gerloff Date: from Friday, 24.06.2022 - Saturday, 25.06.2022; lecture by Dr. Gerloff on 24.06. at 8.15 pm Location: Fischbachau / Schliersee Organiser: Jura up to date Lecture: Click here to go to the organiser's homepage

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The stationary retailer in insolvency - practical issues around the leased property

Author: Dr Christian Schmitt Published: ZIP - Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht Link: Tables of contents (zip-online.de) (Access for registered users only) Abstract: In the insolvency of a bricks-and-mortar retailer, the focus of the continuation of operations is on the leased branches. At the interface between insolvency law and tenancy law, the insolvency practitioner has to consider a multitude of legal pitfalls.

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