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Signa Sports United Group: Future solution agreed for Tennis-Point

Investor consortium with founder Christian Miele and led by the investment company Orlando Capital V takes over the entire business operations of Tennis-Point GmbH as part of an asset deal In addition, the consortium acquires the shares in the sales companies in France and the USA from Signa Sports United GmbH Insolvency proceedings for Tennis-Point GmbH were opened as planned on January 1, 2024 Insolvency administrator Dr. Christian Gerloff: "We have succeeded in finding a solution within just two and a half months [...].

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PRESS INFORMATION: Information on the preliminary insolvency proceedings of companies of the Signa Sport United Group

Operational business at Tennis-Point and Internet Stores continues - Returns of goods are possible again First measures for continuation solutions implemented Munich/Bielefeld, October 31, 2023 - In the past few days, several companies of the Signa Sport United Group (SSU) have filed applications for the opening of regular insolvency proceedings over their assets. SSU is a specialized sports e-commerce company based in Berlin and primarily active in the cycling and tennis segments. Appointed as preliminary insolvency administrators were Dr. [.. .]

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Morgan Lewis and Gerloff Liebler successfully advise healthcare company Sidekick Health AB on acquisition of aidhere GmbH

Proceedings of a special kind: statutory health insurers had to agree to the insolvency plan for the start-up as atypical creditors on the client side Gerloff Liebler responsible for complex insolvency law issues in the process Munich/Hamburg, October 18, 2023 - The law firms Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, Frankfurt, and Gerloff Liebler Rechtsanwälte , Munich, have successfully advised Sidekick Health AB on the takeover of the Hamburg-based start-up aidhere GmbH by means of an insolvency plan. Sidekick is a globally active [ ...]

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Future solution for the Rüster Group achieved: Turkish Bayrak Lastik Group takes over business operations of the automotive supplier - More than 600 jobs saved at all German sites

- Successful conclusion of the investor process in an extremely difficult industry environment - All four of the Group's sites in Germany are to be continued after the acquisition and all employees are to be taken on - Rüster CRO Christian Stoffler: "This pleasing solution for the future was only made possible by the close cooperation between employees, customers and suppliers." Deggingen/Munich, May 17, 2023 - The future solution for Tier1/2 automotive supplier Rüster is in place: Bayrak Lastik, a leading Turkish automotive supplier, yesterday signed an agreement [ ...]

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HR Group files for insolvency - business operations continue

- Investor process for wholesale shoe retailer and logistics service provider could not be completed due to insolvency of retail shoe supplier RENO - After-effects of the Corona crisis, considerable reluctance to buy due to more expensive energy and inflation as well as outstanding receivables exacerbate liquidity situation - Experienced restructuring specialist Dr. Christian Gerloff appointed as provisional insolvency administrator - Customer orders will continue to be accepted and processed, employees will receive insolvency benefits until the end of June Osnabrück, April 12, 2023. The management of HR Group has filed a [...]

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Future market vertical farming: Gerloff Liebler reaches asset deal with Growy Holdings BV in insolvency proceedings of Kalera GmbH

Munich, 01.02.2023 - The law firm Gerloff Liebler Rechtsanwälte , Munich, which specializes in insolvencies and restructurings, has achieved a sales success in the insolvency proceedings of Kalera GmbH. An agreement was concluded with the Dutch Growy Holding BV, which provides for the acquisition of the main assets of the vertical farming company in an asset deal. These are a fully automated farm already in operation in Kuwait and a farm in Singapore that is currently being built [... ]

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Bakery oven manufacturer WACHTEL seeks restructuring in self-administration

Continuation of business operations and investor process planned Düsseldorf Local Court grants application under Section 270a of the German Insolvency Code Special situation due to skyrocketing material prices and a decline in orders from the energy-intensive bakery industry Dr. Christian Gerloff from Munich-based law firm Gerloff Liebler joins the management board as Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) Hilden, December 6, 2022 - WACHTEL GmbH, an internationally active premium manufacturer of ovens and refrigeration systems for bakeries, is seeking to restructure and realign itself in self-administration. [...]

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Gerloff Liebler supports automotive supplier Rüster in financial realignment as part of self-administration proceedings

Christian Stoffler as CRO and Dr. Christian Schmitt as general representative contribute their expertise in the automotive sector Martin Mucha (Grub Brugger) appointed provisional administrator Timely investor process planned to overcome liquidity crisis of Rüster and create sustainable stable financial basis Deggingen/Munich, November 24, 2022 - The law firm Gerloff Liebler Rechtsanwälte , Munich, which specializes in insolvencies and restructurings, is significantly managing the planned financial restructuring of Rüster GmbH within the framework of insolvency proceedings in self-administration. [...]

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Seminar: Insolvency & Restructuring in the Automotive

Topic: Insolvency & Restructuring in the Automotive Industry - Recommendations for the Banking and Restructuring Practice Speaker: Dr. Christian Schmitt & Christian Stoffler Date: 26.01.2023 - online from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. OR 04.04.2023 in Stuttgart Location: online or in Stuttgart Organizer: FORUM Institut Lecture: Click here to go to the homepage of the organizer In the seminar, the speakers will highlight the typical course of the crisis of an automotive supplier and its impact on the various stakeholders. [...]

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Commentary on the Remuneration Ordinance under Insolvency Law (Section 4 InsVV)

Author: Christian Stoffler Published: Kübler/Prütting/Bork, InsO, Commentary on the Insolvency Code Link: www.beck-online.beck.de/Dokument.. Abstract: Business Expenses. Liability insurance General business costs and expenses The employment of auxiliary staff in general and the contribution of own special competence in the sense of § 5

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