In our projects we love it when we are confronted with ever new and complex questions. And it is precisely this complexity that we enjoy in our approx. 40-member GL team. Here, highly professional specialists from different fields, personalities and generations are present, united at the same time by a passionate striving for outstanding results in challenging situations.

Christian Gerloff

Dr. iur.
Christian Gerloff
Attorney at law
Specialist lawyer for insolvency and reorganization law
GL Team since 2000

Marco Liebler

Dr. iur.
Marco Liebler
Attorney at law
Specialist lawyer for insolvency and reorganization law
Graduate in business administration (Univ.)
Lecturer at the University of Augsburg
GL-Team since 2000

"If you wake up one of my colleagues in the middle of the night and ask what makes working at GL so special, the answer will always be 'our team'."
(Christian Stoffler)
Christian Stoffler

Christian StofflerDipl.-Rechtspfleger (FH)
GL team since 2002

Jana Scholz

Jana ScholzDipl.-Rechtspflegerin (FH)
GL team since 2004

Christian Schmitt

Dr. iur. Christian SchmittAttorney at Law
Lecturer University of Augsburg
GL-Team since 2006

Christian Rogner

Christian RognerLawyer
GL team since 2012

Alexander Dietl

Alexander DietlLawyer
GL team since 2014

Timo Mauch

Timo MauchLawyer
GL team since 2014

Benedikt Gatt

Benedict GattLawyer
GL team since 2015

Janine Mrohs

Janine MrohsBusiness economist (M.A.)
GL team since 2019

Ina Josefiak

Ina JosefiakDipl.-Betriebswirtin (FH) / (M.A.)
GL team since 2021

Carolin Hubl

Carolin HublBusiness Lawyer (M.Sc.)
GL team since 2021