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ADLER submits insolvency plan and plans to conclude proceedings by the end of August 2021

Acceptance of Zeitfracht's investor offer by the Company English version Haibach near Aschaffenburg, 02 July 2021 - With the filing of the insolvency plan with the Aschaffenburg Local Court, the decisive phase in the restructuring of Adler Modemärkte AG has now begun. The insolvency plan defines all financial measures for restructuring the company on the basis of the concept submitted by the investor Zeitfracht Logistik Holding GmbH, Berlin. Previously, the company had accepted Zeitfracht's offer to [...]

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Symposium on corporate restructuring

Topic: Conference on corporate restructuring Speaker: Dr. Christian Gerloff Date: 13.03.20, 9 - 17:30h Location: Hyatt Regency Düsseldorf Organizer: Handelsblatt Fachmedien GmbH Lecture: www.fachmedien.de/WebRoot/Store/Shops/Fachmedien/...

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Insolvency and restructuring of hospital operations

Subject: Insolvency and restructuring of hospital operations Speaker: Dr. Christian Gerloff Date: 15.06.2020, 9 - 17h Location: Frankfurt, Le Méridien Parkhotel Organizer: FORUM - Institut für Management GmbH Lecture: www.forum-institut.de/seminar/2006320-insolvenz-und-sanierung-von-krankenhausbetrieben

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Change in the German fashion market - clearance sale or light at the end of the tunnel

Frankfurt am Main, 7 May 2019: At its twelfth event, the Frankfurt Restructuring Forum dealt with the exciting topic of "Change in the German fashion market - clearance sale or still light at the end of the tunnel? Around 130 guests followed the lively discussion. The panel agreed that the German fashion market can still be saved if it can adapt agilely to the constantly changing business models and market conditions. PDF download

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Comment on OLG Frankfurt/M., judgment of v. 8.5.19 - 13 U 210/17, EWiR 2019, 731

Author: Timo Mauch / Christian Stoffler Published: EWiR - Entscheidungen zum Wirtschaftsrecht Link: www.ewir-online.de/heft-23-2019/ewir-2019-731-verjaehrung-eines-insolvenzanfechtungsanspruchs-wegen-durch-uebersetzung-der-klageschrift-verzoegerter/ Brief description: On the statute of limitations of a claim for insolvency avoidance due to service in an EU Member State delayed by translation of the statement of claim

2020-01-24T11:25:59+00:0008.05.2019|Christian Stoffler, Publications, Timo Mauch, Judgment remarks|

DSGVO brings sharpness to insolvency practice

Author: Christian Stoffler / Dr. Christian Gerloff Published: Verlag INDat GmbH Link: www.indat-report.de/Home/Aktuelle-Ausgabe/Titelthema Brief description: Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (EU Data Protection Basic Regulation) replaces the European Data Protection Directive from 1995 with effect from 25.05.2018 after a transition period of two years with the aim of harmonising and modernising European data protection law. It creates a uniform and directly applicable legal framework for the completion of the digital internal market. The European Data Protection Committee contributes to the uniform application of the law [...]

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The proceedings coordinator - support or only cost factor of the group insolvency

Author: Dr. Christian Gerloff Published by: NZI - Neue Zeitschrift für das Recht der Insolvenz und Sanierung Link: www.beck-online.beck.de/?vpath=bibdata%2fzeits%2fNZI-BEIL%2f2018%2fcont%2fNZI-BEIL%2e2018%2e32%2e1%2ehtm Brief description: The group insolvency law, which was standardised for the first time with the "Gesetz zur Erleichterung der Bewältigung von Konzerninsolvenzen" (KIG), is intended to make it possible to maintain the economic unity of a group even in insolvency and thus realise the value for creditors (BT-Drs. 18/407, 15). This follows from the realization that the group-law affiliation of [...]

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Judicial restructuring

Co-Author: Dr. Christian Gerloff Published by: Prof. Dr. Christoph Paulus and Dr. Thomas Knecht Link: www.beck-shop.de/Paulus-Knecht-Gerichtliche-Sanierung/productview.aspx?product=11726949 Brief description: Perfect for court restructuring. Since the ESUG, the reorganisation of distressed companies has been steadily gaining in importance. Correctly prepared and implemented, judicial reorganisation has numerous advantages over other reorganisation methods. This new publication explains both the legal and business management framework for successful reorganisation in insolvency proceedings. The new manual takes into account the [...]

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Note to BGH, decision of 27 February 2018 - II ZB 23/16, NZI 2018, 372

Author: Timo Mauch Published: NZI - Neue Zeitschrift für das Recht der Insolvenz und Sanierung Link: www.beck-online.beck.de/Dokument?vpath=bibdata%2Fzeits%2Fnzi%2F2018%2Fcont%2Fnzi.2018.372.1.htm&anchor=Y-300-Z-NZI-B-2018-S-372-N-1 Brief description: basis of assessment reimbursable travel expenses of a lawyer not established in the district

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